Armada 610 by Marvell Technologies with Skiff's RDK CES-2010, Las Vegas.

Armada 610 by Marvell Technologies with Skiff's RDK  CES-2010, Las Vegas.

Marvell come up with a quad core processor which works on ARM instruction set-just like Qualcomm.
This ARM based processors delivers good speed.Marvell also launched the ARMADA 610,
the first application processor to bring 1080p encode and decode to mobile connected devices.For news and events visit  http://www.marvell.com

To show the capabilities of the ARMADA 610 Marvell displays  Skiff's Reader development kit. Skiff's provides e-reading solution,by their own service platform,and also they sell magazines,blogs and books.visit skiff at http://www.skiff.com/, They offer various services for publishers and readers.

RDK helps manufacturers to produce more flexible,high speed e-reading devices.
It uses (EPD) Integrated electronic paper display.