iPad missing Flash support-iPad Won't support 70 percent of Games

iPad is missing something!! According to Mr. Ludwig from Adobe says iPad won't access 70 percent of which is available in the market,Since they need flash support and iPad is missing the Flash support.
  After all so much of hype iPad doesn't live up to the expectation.
  I personally feel its really cool gadget when it comes to Size,Brand and some features.You can use it as a e-reader, As per Adobe they say It won't support web pages as well which has more flash content in it.If it supports for all web pages its really cool gadget for browsing


Tips to Buy a Smart Phone and Advantages of Buying Mobile phones Online

It’s really confusing for everyone when it’s comes to buy a mobile phone because nowadays there are numerous brands available like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Blackberry and iPhone. Market is flooded with cheap and advance luxurious phones.

So I am going to share few tips: How choose a smart phone?
  • Don’t scratch your head for basic technical specifications, because now all the branded mobile phones comes with good features.
  • Be clear with your budget, How much you would like to spend on a mobile phone.
  • What features you want in you really want to have in your smart Phone?
  1. Do you like taking snaps in your mobile there are mobile which has 12 mega pixel cameras with good resolution
  2. Mobile only for business (emails) go for Blackberry
  3. Do u want a mobile which does multi tasking with good speed there are many brands like HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung Oh!! Forget iPhone 3gs.

Advantages of buying Mobile phones online

Before you purchase a mobile phone go online, there are many online portals available for shopping, check some sites like www.gsmarena.com, where you can find all the brands and its features, and also you can check the mobile phone reviews, many users share their opinions about their mobile phones- So that you can decide which handset model you can buy .

Once you decide which mobile phone to buy; now it’s time to check for a good price.
Go to nearest outlet and check for the same model. Don’t forget to check price online before purchasing. If it’s available for good price including shipping price then you can go ahead and buy it online.
Note* Make sure that site has verified payment methods, So that you can shop with confidence.

What are the accessories you need along with your mobile phone?
Normally when you purchase a mobile phone you will get a battery charger and ear phone. Don’t forget to ask for free coupons to download songs, free applications from your dealer.
Buy mobile accessories along with your smart phone so you may get it for a good deal or discount, Also you can check your mobile phone supports and works fine with accessories.

Few accessories which you can buy along with your phone are:
  • Blue-tooth head set hands free devices, cases, memory cards, car kits and mounts, screen protectors and USB charging adapters.
Important things to do after buying a mobile phone.
Go to the official manufacturer website for example : www.blackberry.com  and register your handset  so that you will get a warranty ,e-books, free themes, free applications, latest software’s to upgrade your  mobile and also technical support.
Follow digital way- Explore your mobile..


Armada 610 by Marvell Technologies with Skiff's RDK CES-2010, Las Vegas.

Armada 610 by Marvell Technologies with Skiff's RDK  CES-2010, Las Vegas.

Marvell come up with a quad core processor which works on ARM instruction set-just like Qualcomm.
This ARM based processors delivers good speed.Marvell also launched the ARMADA 610,
the first application processor to bring 1080p encode and decode to mobile connected devices.For news and events visit  http://www.marvell.com

To show the capabilities of the ARMADA 610 Marvell displays  Skiff's Reader development kit. Skiff's provides e-reading solution,by their own service platform,and also they sell magazines,blogs and books.visit skiff at http://www.skiff.com/, They offer various services for publishers and readers.

RDK helps manufacturers to produce more flexible,high speed e-reading devices.
It uses (EPD) Integrated electronic paper display.

Use Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon processor with scorpion core 1.5 Ghz crystal speed end of this year- CES press event - 2010

Dual-core Snapdragon processor with scorpion core 1.5 Ghz crystal speed

Right now Snapdragon processor runs at speed 1GHz.
Qualcomm is planning to release a new dual-core Snapdragon processors running at 1.5GHz.

Acer neo touch s200, HTC HD2, Nexus One---these smart-phones sharing advance performance by Snapdragon
This processor will give you double speed with two processor.It helps for multi tasking as well. This processor coming to the market end of this year. So we can expect smart-phones with better speed.


Main features of Blackberry 9700:

Blackberry 9700 special features

• Instead of Trackball here you have Trackpad navigation
• Resolution is Bright If you compare other models screen 480 x 360 pixels
• Full QWERTY keyboard
• Quad-band GSM support and tri-band 3G with HSDPA
• Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® enabled
• 256MB flash memory / Hot-swappable microSD card slot (expandable up to 16GB)
• 3.2 MP digital camera with LED flash with auto focus video camera
• Multimedia player / Wi-Fi and built-in GPS and BlackBerry maps preloaded
• 624 MHz CPU, 128 MB RAM


Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson Customize it with its special features

Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson
Apart from being a smart phone with all basic features Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson supports HSPA network you can download any files or email attachments in seconds.

Also it has GPS which works like a navigation instrument,helps you to find you are destination.

all other features like music,video are really great with more clarity.

Enjoy the touchscreen sleeky phone.


FIOS TV Remote DVR Download this software for free

FiOS TV Remote DVR

Its a software that allows you to remotely manage their Verizon FiOS DVR from you are phone or from the FiOS TV Central website. Its absolutely free click here to Download