Not able to receive e-mails in Blackberry?

Under most circumstances troubleshooting blackberry mail related issues is a very simple process and takes less time.

• First Check 3G/EDGE/GPRS can be in lower case (to the top right of your screen)

• If you are getting the 3G/ EDGE/GPRS in small case then search the network manually in the handset and then do a hard reboot.

• Follow this steps to do manual scan go to -Options-Mobile network-Network selection (press menu button)-select change option to manual-scan for available network-you will get some operators name eg:Vodafone-select your operator-Save

• If this doesn’t resolve the issue then call your operator for re-provisioning.

• Mailbox for thee- mail client is full. For example:Microsoft Outlook inbox is full

• No memory in the handset. Check the memory capacity
*Delete some mails and then check.

• If your able to send mails but not able to receive then try to re-integrate the accounts and then request your operator to send the service book (settings) to your handset. Once you receive the service book then do a hard reboot.

• If your not able to send the mails then it will come back to you with a cross mark. Open that cross mark mails and you will get the error at the top of the mails. Read out the error and depending upon it does the troubleshooting.

• If you are using OWA (Microsoft outlook web access) account then you need to check the mail delivery location. If the mail delivery is in mailbox then you need to re-integrate the account and if the mail delivery is in the PST then change it to mailbox. Also check the total count of mails in the inbox should be less than 900.

• Finally if none of the steps works then raise a request to your operator to re-integrate your account.

Hard Reboot: Take out battery and SIM card from your handset while the BlackBerry device is powered on and wait for 20-30 seconds and replace. Your Blackberry will reboot then you can check the status.

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  1. im not able to receive email only in 1 email id,rest 2 works fine